Inland Communities Chapter

Meet My Trainer, Meg Hammond
Kathy Pavlich

I am so very proud to introduce you to my trainer, Meg Hammond.  Meg has had over 20 years of involvement in the horse business, starting at a very young age, and riding a myriad of horses. During her high school years, Meg was an active member of the riding team at school. She studied Equine Business Management\Riding abroad in Ireland at the University of Limerick and in England, earning her Bachelors of Science in Equine Business Management\Riding at the Johnson and Wales University. Meg’s hands on experience include being a working student for Ida Anderson, English Olympians Jane Bartle-Wilson and Christopher Bartle at the Yorkshire Riding Center in England, and Sue Foley’s barn in Limerick Ireland.

Meg has been very busy these past few years since coming to California. She earned her bronze medal in 2009 and her silver medal in 2010. Meg also placed 3rd for USDF classes and 7th in CDS classes, third level, at the 2009 Championships. Meg has been training with 2009 CDS Grand Prix Champion Kathy Pavlich, past Olympic Dutch coach Bert Rutten, and international rider and S judge Judy Harvey since 2006.

Meg is currently training her 6 year old Dutch Warmblood Gelding, Zanini, who she purchased as a 3 year old. She is schooling him 3rd level and hopes to show him in March 2010. She also owns a 7 year old Dutch Warmblood mare, Wisteria. Wisteria is the foundation broodmare of Meg's breeding business.  The 2009 birth of a very impressive filly, Esteria, is the first foal for the business. Meg plans on starting and selling her at age 3.

Meg is a professional dressage trainer at Shadow Ridge Equestrian Center in Highland where she offers full training services for both horse and rider. She currently has 12 horses and 8 riders in training. Meg is also ICC’s show manager and has been putting on fabulous shows for the membership since 2007.


Nancy Franklin (and Nick & Smoke): Meg has guided and prodded me from learning how to pick my first hoof, to riding my first dressage test. I came to her with my fresh of the track thoroughbred and absolutely no knowledge of how to care for him let alone ride him. Her excellent eye for matching the right horse and rider helped me secure my first warmblood partner. She has instilled in me the confidence that I have the ability to make this dream come true with the animals that I love.

Kelly McNamara (and Samba): Meg has been training Samba (and me!) since we came to Shadow Ridge last July.  It's impossible to say everything I love about Meg in just a paragraph!  In addition to how amazing she is with my mare, I think what I appreciate the most about Meg is how positive she is.  I always leave my lessons feeling good about myself, no matter how challenging the ride was.  Even when I feel uncoordinated and clumsy, she finds something I'm doing well and encourages me.  Thanks, Meg!

Liz Rotham (and Una & Apollie): Meg's talent as a rider is really impressive given her relative youth.  She figures out how to ride different types of horses effectively and does so with tact and sympathy for the horse, especially the young ones.  But even more impressive is the effective way she communicates her knowledge about riding dressage and about riding the specific horse.  She is really good about translating her experience riding the horse to the owner in lessons and if as an amateur rider, I don't have the strength to work through issues the way she does, she is creative is finding another approach that works for me.  The result is that my horses are correct and rideable for me.  It is a real joy to work with her!

Susan Williams (and Fabian): Meg is one of the hardest working equestrians that I've ever had the pleasure of meeting.  I call her the Iron Woman, because she rides the last horse of the day as well as the easy feat!  She is a good instructor, too, inspiring her students to work as hard and achieve as much with their horses as she does.In my opinion, the best thing about Meg as a trainer is her high level of horsemanship.  She takes the time to look at every horse and notices any little bump or bobble that if left untended, might develop into something worse. Watch out for Meg!  She is well on her way to a big future!

Lori Johnstone (and Raven & Legend): I would like to include that I really appreciate Meg's concern for our horse’s well being and long term goals, rather than just a show or award.  She is a true horsewomen not just a good rider and teacher. 

Kathy Pavlich: It is a rare pleasure to find someone with the qualities that Meg possesses.  She has a great work ethic, terrific attitude, is fair to both her clients and horses, and honest.  These are just a few of the important pieces.  Combine them with her talent as a rider and you have a great treasure, and I have a great friend.  Thank you, Meg.