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Inland Communities Chapter Juniors

We are proud of our junior members. Please take a moment to see all of the special Junior opportunities and meet our very own Juniors.

High School Lettering for Dressage Riders

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    Did you know that you can earn a high school letter for all of the time and dedication that you put into dressage? The USEF High School Equestrian Athlete program recognizes the accomplishments of young equestrians and encourages their future involvement in the sport. The program is open to all equestrian athletes enrolled in grades 9-12 who are members of USEF or join USEF.

    The program requirements are that you log at least 100 hours of equestrian activity, provide show records for at least three shows though out the year and provide current proof of enrollment in high school. The fee for applying to this program is only $15 per year and you can letter all four years of high school. For more information or to apply, please visit or email

Meet our Juniors:

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    Meet Kassidy Kamiyama:

    Kassidy is 9 years old and is in 4th grade at Cram Elementary school. She loves swimming and playing with her dogs. Her favorite book is Black Beauty.


    Kassidy began riding horses when she was 5 years old. She trains at Buena Vista Dressage in Highland. She has shown at the introductory level dressage and was a wonderful barn manager for the Buena Vista Team at the 2009 Junior Championships. She owns and rides K's Kobar, a chestnut Arabian. She would rather be with him than anywhere else in the world. Kassidy wants to be a horse trainer when she grows up.

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    Meet Katie Kamiyama:

    Katie is an 11 year old student, currently attending Beattie Middle School in 6th grade. She participates in the school choir and is on the honor roll.


    Katie has been riding horses since she was 7 years old and trains at Buena Vista Dressage in Highland. She has shown both introductory and training levels in dressage and recently competed at the CDS Jr. Championships for the first time. She also rides and competes in local hunter competitions.


    Katie owns and rides Shadow's Victory, aka Bugsy, a 15 year old, chestnut Thoroughbred. She loves jumping with Bugsy and he loves it too! She is working towards advancing to jumping cross country as well and plans to compete in her first 3day event this summer.