Inland Communities Chapter


December 2017 Chair Message:

Greetings, ICC members and friends

Quick note and some reminders:

1) The Inland Communities Awards Banquet is January 20, 2018, at Isabella's Italian Restaurant, 330 Sixth St., #112, Redlands. Start time and other information will be forthcoming. I will be taking reservations again, so watch for another email from me regarding finalized menu options, prices and deadlines to get your reservations to me.

Ticket prices will increase for the "adult plate"--see menu below--and will include bottomless refills on coffee, tea, lemonade, etc. We have not raised our prices since we began holding our banquet at Isabella's five or so years ago. The board voted 3-2 to raise the adult ticket price to $25 per plate.

The choices will probably be the same as last year: Rosemary chicken with grilled vegetables, eggplant parmesan, capellini (angel hair pasta) with meat sauce and, for the kids, buttered noodles. Ruth Corrao-Harris is in charge of finalizing that with Isabella's.

Not sure what the buttered noodle price will be. Again, stay tuned.

We have our lists of winners and Ruth Corrao-Harris and Sara Mosqueda are hard at work getting items ready for embroidery or engraving. Leadline riders will receive awards again this year, too.

We are also gathering items for our popular raffle.

Mark your calendars: January 20, 2018!! As always, we had four great shows in 2017 with super competitors!! We would love to see you at the banquet; come help us honor the winners!!

2) Our October show (October 20, 2018) is now a one-star show, thanks to a suggestion from Sara Mosqueda and date availability from CDS, so we will be revising our rules for qualifying for winning year-end awards. Because we will just have one schooling show (March 3, 2018) we can no longer require a score from "one of the schooling shows."

Susan posted our 2018 show dates on the ICC Facebook page, and she will send our show date postcards to everyone on our mailing list. The cards are handy to keep in your office or vehicle. If you know someone who would like to receive a card from ICC, let Susan know (

  • March 3, schooling show
  • May 5, CDS *
  • June 23, CDS *
  • October 20, CDS *

Show site is Shadow Ridge.

Our final board meeting of the year is December 12 (a Tuesday) at Lena Persson's home. We'll finalize everything then.

3) Board elections are verified--thank you Charlotte Le Vecque and Karla Mason: We added a new (well, a returning) board member, Kelly McNamara; Lavinia Chacon has agreed to step in and serve as our treasurer.

The first board meeting for 2018 will probably be before the January 20 banquet. This is going to be a FAB year for ICC--for those of us riding, officiating, volunteering--so why not join us!!

Let me know if there is any bit of business you would like us to cover at the December 12 meeting. Otherwise, have a wonderful Christmas and Holiday season and see you January 20 at Isabella's!!

Kathy Young
ICC Chair
(760) 953-8682 (talk-text)

November 2017 Chair Message:

Greetings, ICC members and friends

Our November board meeting was rescheduled to November 29, 6:30 p.m. at Lena Persson's home in Highland. We will be working on the banquet menu, ticket pricing and awards.

We will also learn the outcome of our board member elections, either at that meeting or at the December potluck meeting. Charlotte Le Vecque and Karla Mason were our balloteers. Thanks to those of you who voted and then sent your ballots.

In the meantime, here are some 2018 dates and deets you may wish to mark in your calendars:

The Southern Region Linda O'Carroll Memorial Adult Amateur Clinic with Melissa Creswick is April 13-15 at W Farms in Chino Hills. Note that this is earlier than usual for the Southern clinic.

In the past it has conflicted with the May ICC show (our first of two CDS-recognized shows). We asked CDS to consider rescheduling the AA clinic so members can a) attend the clinic as auditors and/or volunteers; and b) members seeking to win ICC awards can also submit their names for the clinic. (As you know, ICC requirements for all trophies include competing in BOTH of our one-star shows).

The board very graciously undertook our request and as a result, our show is no longer in conflict with the clinic.

Here is the protocol for submission of your name as IC representative for this clinic, per Paula Langan, CDS Executive Secretary:

Amateur Clinic selection protocol:
After sufficient publicity early in the year, each Chapter Chair shall request that all interested members submit a written application to the chapter secretary. The Chapter Chair and one other Chapter Board Member should put the names in a hat and the rider be selected by a draw. An alternate rider should also be drawn. The rider(s) should be notified immediately as well as the regional organizer. Chapter Chairs / Treasurer should send a check for $150 to the Central Office made out to CDS. The selected rider is responsible for confirming that a check has been sent. The present clinic format starts with a required introductory lecture session the evening prior to the first day of the clinic and two days of riding sessions.

Your IC board has not yet decided WHEN we will hold the drawing of names of the representative and alternate(s) because this is a 2018 "thing" and our 2018 board hasn't been finalized. We will advertise in our newsletter, via the chair message AND on Facebook when names need to be submitted and when the drawing will be held.

The CDS Junior/Young Rider clinician is Heidi Gaian, a USEF "S" Dressage Judge. The Southern clinic is June 8-10 at W Farms, Chino.

RAAC for the South is August 10-12 at the San Diego Summer Show in Del Mar.

The CDS Championships for 2018 are September 27-30 at LAEC.

In the meantime, hope you all have a very happy Thanksgiving. I've said this before: Remember, you are what you eat. (As I have ALSO said before, I am "ham on 'wry'").

Any suggestions, requests, or news to share, please contact me. Read up on the latest happenings of ICC members and friends on our Facebook page, too. Check our website for updates as well.

Kathy Young
ICC Chair
(760) 953-8682 (talk-text)

September 2017 Chair Message:

Greetings, ICC members and friends

Labor Day is over, which means your ICC board is "up and running" again after our usual summer layoff (a hiatus after the June show).

A few things to cover before our next board meeting (Sept. 13 at Lena Persson's home in Highland):

1) ICC shows will continue at Shadow Ridge at least for the forseeable future. Our final 2017 show is Oct. 28, our annual "Halloween, costumes optional all day, schooling show" with "L" graduate Lynn Binkley in the judge's box. Best costumed adult and junior will be chosen by our judge. It will be a fun show to end our very successful 2017 season. Some year-end awards are still "up for grabs," so as usual the fun continues "down to the wire."

2) This time of year is also the time for nominating candidates and electing your 2018 ICC board. If you would like to serve, submit your name to me or any current board member (DeeAnne Gunnemann, Ruth Corrao-Harris, Lena Persson, Sara Mosqueda, Susan Williams and Kathy Pavlich). To nominate someone you think would make a good board member, be sure to get their permission.

Once again Charlotte LeVecque and Karla Mason will handle receiving ballots and vote tally. The board will approve the dates for closing of nominations closing, voting deadline, etc., at our Wednesday meeting (Sept. 13), but we will know the names of our 2018 board members by the December board meeting.

The protocol is that at the first meeting in January, the board votes on the chapter chair and the chair announces the other offices by appointment.

We meet usually the second Wednesday of the month January through June, take July and August as our hiatus, then meet again September through December; any crucial business matter that pops up when we are "dark" is taken care of by email/text.

Each board member also serves on the Show Committee, and as you know, we hold four shows a year. Board members also aid in organizing and then attending any clinics or workshops sponsored by ICC. To run for the board, the only requirements (other than a willingness to serve, of course) is current membership in CDS and affiliation with Inland Communities.

3) Our 2017 awards banquet will be held sometime in January 2018. We avoid the holidays and have extra time to get the awards purchased, embroidered or engraved. (Head's up: This year's High Point Level awards are going to be SUPER special). Our awards banquet is not to be missed; we always have a good time.

You'll be hearing from us again after the board meeting this week. In the meantime, get your costumes ready for Oct. 28 and join us at the schooling show!!

If you have questions or suggestions, please get in touch with me or any board member.


Kathy Young
ICC Chair
(760) 953-8682 (talk-text)

June 2017 Chair Message:

Greetings, everyone!!

Hope your spring-early summer riding (it's sort of the same thing since the weather is so weird) is going well, that you have a lesson schedule in place and all is right in your barn.

My personal spring has been mostly "hurry up and wait." April was a non-riding month. My horse Huey had an abscess that did not resolve quickly--it "resorbed" and took as long to GO as it did to arrive.

This was followed by a May (and several weeks into June) with my own "hoofie problem"--the evening after our May show, I suffered a hairline fracture of my left fibula--got a little too close to my fractious Huey, delighted his dinner was FINALLY going to be served.

Bottom line: Minor owie (minor "break" with no separation, no surgery, no prescription painkillers) and I am still wearing my "moon boot." I didn't think anything was broken because I was able to walk in spite of the gorgeous bruise that was quite visible that evening when I removed my shoe. Took another week before I hobbled into Urgent Care for an x-ray. I'm relegated wearing the boot during the day for another two weeks and will get a recheck x-ray June 19. I can wear my riding boot and tack walk Huey rather than work him in circles on the longeline.

Meanwhile, "the horse show goes on" and our downloadable entries for the June 24 show with "S" judge Donna Richardson at Shadow Ridge are available on our Facebook page and our website, This is going to be a wonderful show.

Our board meeting is June 14 at Shadow Ridge.

If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions for chapter activities, please let any board member know or reply to this message. We are here for you and want you to enjoy yourself with IC Chapter.

Meanwhile, stay hydrated and ride well!

Kathy Young
ICC Chair
(760) 953-8682 (talk-text)

April 2017 Chair Message:

Greetings, everyone!!

Just read on our ICC Facebook page that there are just 10 rides slots remaining for the May 6 show with S judge David Schmutz.

Don't delay sending your entries.

The show will be wonderful--food from our fabulous caterer Garrett, superior show management (ahem ahem), outstanding management and organization AND of course lovely facilities at Shadow Ridge Equestrian Center.

Sponsor Procurer Extraordinaire Charlotte Le Vecque will have the Sponsor Board on display listing the 2017 sponsors. We will also have a new, stronger easel so the board will "stand proud."

Our board meeting last week was short and sweet, but we are still planning some sort of educational activity, either mounted or unmounted. If you something in mind (a riding or "hands-on" clinician, workshop idea, ??), drop me a line and we'll bring up your idea for discussion at the next board meeting, which will be June 14, 6:30 p.m. at Shadow Ridge.

We always look forward to hearing from you. If you'd like to volunteer for a show job (May 6, June 24, October 28, the dates of our shows for 2017), let Ruth Corrao-Harris, our coordinator, know.

Her address:

Happy riding and hope to see you all soon!

Kathy Young
ICC Chair
(760) 953-8682 (talk-text)

February 2017 Chair Message:


REMINDER to Adult Amateur members of ICC:

The Linda O'Carroll Memorial Adult Amateur Clinic with Hilda Gurney is May 5-7 at W Farms.

All ICC adult amateur members in good standing (meaning, you're a CDS member for 2017) are invited to submit name, contact information, horse information, level of dressage to Kathy Young by MONDAY, MARCH 6.

The drawing of names will take place at an informal board meeting on Wednesday, March 8. Three names will be drawn (the chapter representative and two alternates) and the winners will be notified.

The clinic is the same weekend as our May show, so if you're vying for year-end awards, keep that in mind. Full information on the clinic, the clinician, and other rules can be found in the latest issue of Dressage Letters as well as on the AmateurClinics link on the CDS website,


ATTENTION Junior and Young/Rider ICC members:


Just received this note from Paula at the Central Office--

It's time to prepare for our 2017 CDS Jr/YR Regional clinics, and we're so excited to announce Stephanie Hamar Schauer as our regional clinic instructor!

Stephanie is an accomplished dressage rider and trainer that is well rounded in every aspect of the sport of dressage. She grew up riding under the watchful eyes of Willy Arts at DG Bar Ranch during her years as a Jr/YR, she competed twice at the Cosequin Junior Young REider Championships, earning a team silver medal in both 2001 and 2002. In 2004 with Jasper, she earned a spot on the Region 7 YR team and they won a team gold medal. Expanding her skills to developing young horses, Stephanie competed Bonameer DG at the 212 USDF Young Horse National Championships. Stephanie is recognized as a developing breeder of KWPN horses. Starting in 2007 Stephanie developed Solo Deo Gloria Sporthorses and since that time has produced many top performing sport horses including Dante SGS who finished 5th in the nation at the NA/WPN keuring in 2011.

Stephanie works with horses and riders of all levels to help them reach their goals. She has trained several horses to FEI levels and loves working with young horses to give them a good foundation. She specializes in dressage, but loves to help anyone achieve their goals.

The date and place for this wonderful opportunity is as follows:

South Clinic ~ April 1-2, 2017 at W Farms, Chino Hills, CA

Because Chapter Chairs just received notice of this clinic via a chapter chair message from Paula at CDS Central Office, and because the South clinic is about five weeks away, time is of the essence.

All Junior/Young Rider members of ICC and in good standing with CDS should submit their name, address and other contact information, horse name and level of dressage to ICC Juniors Coordinator Sara Mosqueda at or by text, (909) 890-8979 NO LATER THAN MARCH 3. (That is a week from today).

We will draw the names of the ICC rep and two alternates for this wonderful opportunity at the end of our March 4 schooling show at Shadow Ridge. Winners will be notified.

There is a very good chance that ICC will be able to send more than one representative to this clinic. All representatives from ICC will have their clinic fee paid for by ICC. The first representative whose name is chosen will also receive stall bedding for the two-day clinic.

The rep(s) will be responsible for horse feed and personal expenses.

For help with horse transportation to this clinic, junior and young-rider members should go to the CDS website, and click on the Juniors and Young Riders link for information about applying for the Club 100 Individual Grant.

Any questions, please contact me. My cell/text number is below.

Remember: Submit your name, address, telephone, email, horse's name, breed and your dressage level RIGHT AWAY!! This is a wonderful opportunity!!

Kathy Young
ICC Chair
(760) 953-8682 (talk-text)