Inland Communities Chapter


December 2015/January 2016 Chair Message:

Hope your holidays are happy ones.

Personally I'm looking forward to 2016--it's a leap year, so we have an extra day to ride.

First (and biggest) of your 2016 plans should be attending the Inland Communities' Year-End Awards Banquet.

January 16, 2016
Isabella's Restaurant
330 N. Sixth St.,

$20 per person
Doors open at 6 p.m., service at 6:30 p.m.

  • Angel Hair Pasta (vegetarian)
  • Lasagna (meat)
  • with salad, bread, and unlimited drinks (water, coffee, etc.)
  • No-host bar.

Raffle prizes galore!!


So far I have menu selections for Tom and Kathy Pavlich, Liz Morton, and me.

There are 21 reservations SO FAR, so that means I need to know your preference for the main dish RIGHT AWAY.

You can pay at the door, of course.

Thanks to those of you who voted for the 2016 Board of Directors. We had nine ballots returned, which is, I hope, the start of a trend. LOL.

Kathy Pavlich and I will be attending the CDS Annual Meeting in Sacramento the weekend following the awards banquet. The meeting is always "interesting" and informative. I'll provide a full report in the February chair message.

Keep warm and dry as you ride!! Hope 2016 is happy and healthy for everyone as well as each of our horses and that your riding goals are also happily within reach.

If you have questions, comments or suggestions for activities for ICC, let me know.

We'd still like to organize a scribing clinic.

And you're all invited to volunteer at our shows for a behind-the-scenes look at how dressage shows are organized and smoothly run (and how hard your board works to provide a fun experience start to finish for everyone who competes as well as those who are go-fers and "hold the grooming bucket").

Happy New Year!

Kathy Young
ICC Chair

October 2015 Chair Message:

Greetings!! Your hard-working IC board took the summer off (to enjoy riding in the heat) but we're back at work preparing for the final 2015 show, among other things.

First, a few dates to remember:

1) October 31, 2015 is our final show for the Inland Communities season. It's our annual Halloween-theme schooling show with "L" graduate Ryan Bell. Costumes are optional all day, and Ryan will pick a winner for best costume for adult and junior exhibitor. Let your imagination go wild and desensitize your ponies :o)

Morning hospitality will be available. For lunch we're having Garrette Negrette, who is making a name for himself at the Redlands Market Night. He has agreed to come to our show. He'll serve sliders and a side plus drink for $8.

Get your show entries in right away. Don't wait until the closing date (for details, visit the chapter Facebook page or our website, Premiums, class list and signature pages are available to download).

Susan and Dusty Williams have everything in fine order and we're looking forward to wonderful weather (if I can believe my forecast, courtesy of my Samsung smartphone, it will be high 70s and pleasant that day in Highland).

2) Elections for the 2016 board. We're putting the ballots together to be mailed to every ICC member for voting for the new officers. If you would like to join the board, let me know right away. There's still time to add your name. (I sent an early e-blast to you all this morning, but it doesn't hurt to repeat the message :o)

3) Our four shows will be listed in the CDS Omnibus for 201t online. And that reminds me to renew your CDS membership by December 1 so your name will be in the CDS Roster. We hope you re-affiliate with Inland Communities, too.

4) Our year-end awards banquet will be January 16, 2016 at a place to be determined. We're already working on gathering raffle prizes and awards to given. Tickets will be $20 per person. As for menu and times, those are also yet to be determined, but it will be a fabulous evening. Sara Mosqueda, our Juniors coordinator, and Ruth Corrao-Harris, our Volunteers coordinator, are both working on items for our year-end awards, and Susan Williams has already earmarked some nice prizes we received from High Desert Chapter when they merged with us.

Circle your calendars--January 16, 2016. This banquet will be an event you won't want to miss. Stay tuned for details as they are finalized!

That's about it for our board meeting report. We look forward to seeing you at an upcoming IC event (and it looks like that will be our October 31 show!)

Halloween is my favorite holiday--I love the change of season, the fall colors, the pumpkins, the candy (especially the candy :o) and love being outdoors especially this time of year.

Join us. Spectators are always welcome at our shows, and if you want to volunteer your time for a few hours that day, contact Ruth Corrao-Harris and let her know ( No experience necessary!

As always, if you have questions or concerns or suggestions for upcoming IC events, please let me or any board member know. We're still hoping to have a scribing clinic.

Kathy Young
ICC Chair

July 2015 Chair Message:


For those of you who missed the ICC June 27 CDS-recognized show, it was just about perfect. Even the weather cooperated, with a nice cloud cover and a breeze to break up the humidity.

David Schmutz was our judge and he gave excellent comments to every score.

Our final show of the year is October 31, very appropriate for our Halloween-theme. It's a schooling show (with costumes optional all day). There will even be a "best junior" and "best adult amateur" costume prize.

It's always a fun day with Halloween candy for riders and friends (and treats for the horses, too, of course).

A couple of things to cover:

One is a second call for Junior/Young Rider members of Inland Communities Chapter to submit their names for the chance to be our representatives to the 2015 CDS Junior Young Rider Clinic sponsored by Club 100.

We have three names now.

Inland Communities usually sends more than one representative, thanks to generous sponsors who earmark their sponsorship to junior/young rider events.

This year the clinician is Charlotte Bredahl. The southern Clinic is October 2-4 at Epona Farms, Thousand Oaks. The organizer is Kristin Young, our Southern Regional CDS rep.

The clinic is comprised of a lecture evening "meet and greet" and two riding days. Each representative will have his/her clinic fee paid as well as stabling for the horse. The first name drawn will also receive bedding for the horse.

All representatives are responsible for their personal expenses as well as their horse's feed for the clinic. Riders may apply to Club 100 for help with travel expenses.

Riders will be expected to audit during the clinic and write a brief report about their clinic experience to Dressage Letters, the CDS newsletter, for publication as well as to the IC Board (for publication in Take Contact!).

Submit your name and contact information to me as soon as possible. I'm not sure when we will draw the names, but why wait until the last minute??

Second, the ICC board will not meet face to face until probably September, but if you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact any board member. We welcome ideas for clinics and educational activities--we're still looking forward to holding a scribing clinic this year, if there is sufficient interest.

Volunteers are what make our shows so much fun--but we always need "extra hands to make light work." The board is automatically the show committee--and we are "small but mighty"--but a job like scribing means one person is dedicated to that job all day and unavailable for other duties. Some judges prefer to work with one scribe all day, too.

When we hold scribing clinics, it's usually for the afternoon and we combine it with a potluck. It's very informal but very educational and worthwhile.

In short, scribing is not terrifying.

Trust me.

As I said, any questions, comments, suggestions, etc., let me or one of the board members know.

Have a GREAT summer!

Kathy Young
ICC Chair

May/June 2015 Chair Message:


Today is the official start of summer, but as you are well aware, it's been hot enough already. Mother Nature is doing her thing, and we are sort of in her way :o)

It's been awhile since I've done a chair message--we have rescheduled board meetings and a couple of them were close together, so here is the combined May-June edition. There is still a lot to catch up on.

1) As you know, our May 9 show was canceled due to rainy weather a day or two prior that flooded some areas and made the warmup arena at Shadow Ridge unusable. We held the show on our "sudden rain" date of June 6 with Carolyn Lindholm (Peggy Klump, our original judge, had a conflict). We had a few cancellations (other conflicts) but the show was well done and well run.

The question of qualifying for year-end awards came up (all but one of our chapter trophies require a schooling show score and scores from our two one-star shows; the Diane Prisco Mink just requires scores from the one-star shows). The board decided to go with Ruth Corrao-Harris's suggestion that those who signed up to show May 9 but couldn't make June 6 will ride two tests in the same level at our upcoming June 27 show; BOTH scores will count toward year-end awards. There will be no throw-away score.

2) Our June 27 show will be judged by David Schmutz, "S." Ride times will be on our website as of June 22. See For some reason I cannot attach files to our Facebook page (new computer, weird), but the website will have everything you need.

We'll have hospitality (fruit, donuts, bottled water, etc.) and the "heavy snacks" table (sort of like heavy hors d'oeuvres only not, with chips, cookies, sodas, etc.). The original plan for May 9 was sandwiches from Costco; we're in a flurry of "intraboard emails" to figure out who will get what, etc.

A brandy snifter full of horse cookies will be on the office table, a treat for the hard-working ponies on the grounds. Help yourself :o)

And if you can spare a day or half a day or a few hours to help out at the show, please let Ruth Corrao-Harris know. We are a small board and three members will be competing. While we've done the "Skeleton Crews Are Us" thing and done it well, it's always great to have extra help.

3) The 2015 CDS Junior/Young Rider clinic (along the line of the CDS Linda Carroll Memorial Adult Amateur clinic held each year) will be held in the south at Epona Farms in Thousand Oaks on October 2-4 with Charlotte Bredahl. It's an evening lecture and "meet and greet" with two riding days. Riders are expected to audit before/after their ride time.

All ICC Junior/Young Rider members in good standing are eligible to apply for a spot in this wonderful event. If there is space available, we usually sponsor more than one rider, so that increases your chances of winning. Thanks to our Gold Medal sponsor the Chacon family and the hard-working Juniors Coordinator Sara Mosqueda, ICC can offer this opportunity to you.

The chapter pays clinic and stabling fees for each representative we send. The first name drawn also gets the horse's bedding fee. All other reps are responsible bedding, though you can apply to Club 100, the sponsoring group, for help with travel.

You are responsible for your personal expenses and your horse's feed. After the clinic, you will also write a thank-you note to CDS (for publication in CDS Dressage Letters) and to our Take Contact! newsletter editor Dusty Williams ( for publication there.

The June Dressage Letters from CDS has a wonderful biography of Charlotte Bredahl (see page 2) and additional information.

This is a WONDERFUL opportunity!! One name has been submitted so far. Email me with your name, address, email, and phone contact AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. We will draw names of the winners by the end of summer, but rather than "wait 'til later," submit your request today!

4) The ICC board has decided not to participate in the California Western Dressage Association year-end awards program. As I wrote above, we are a small board with seven people doing many jobs. One more responsibility is like the adage about "final straw and the camel's back." If you've ever worked behind the scenes or helped prepare for a dressage show, you know what I'm talking about. A single-star (CDS recognized) show is mostly done by hand; the existing software programs are great for multiple ring/judge/day/rated shows but don't handle single-star shows very well.

If there is anything I've forgotten or any question I can answer, please get in touch.

We are looking forward to Saturday's show, and we are looking forward to seeing you there.

Kathy Young
ICC Chair

March/April 2015 Chair Message:

Hope everyone has been enjoying quality horse time in this lovely weather. There is horse hair all over my property and I do believe I see a shiny pony emerging. My upper arm strength is increasing thanks to all that grooming.

Our March 7 schooling show had beautiful weather, happy horses and riders, and a busy office staff.

Dusty Williams was our show manager and handled the scoring as each signed test came across his work station. Susan Williams, Ruth Corrao-Harris, and Kathy Pavlich took turns handling the rest of the office chores, DeeAnne Gunnemann was multi-tasking, and Charlotte LeVecque and Tresa Downey volunteered as well. Lena Persson, Sara Mosqueda and I rounded out the show committee.

From the comments I overheard, everyone had a wonderful time. Photographer Christiana Martin was there and Rob and DeeAnne Gunnemann video'd each ride. And of course Shadow Ridge was the perfect setting.

We had several Western dressage riders, too.

We canceled the March 15 scribing workshop; however, we are still open to holding one if there is interest. Scribing is an important--no, make that VITAL--part of every dressage show and personally, I find it a great way to learn what good dressage looks like as I sit next to the judge and jot down comments and scores. Let any board member know if you're interested in learning to scribe. The workshop would take just a few hours and we'd do a potluck.

Our CDS-recognized show is coming up quickly--it's May 9 at Shadow Ridge with "S" judge Peggy Klump. We are offering FEI "Test of Choice."

Check our chapter website,, for premiums and get your entries in right away. Peggy is a popular judge and the show will fill quickly.

The board voted not to hold the annual ICC members' used tack sale this year because we are a smaller board and several will be showing their horses. That means "show committee" staff is stretched thinner and we can't spare anyone to handle the sale.

If you want to sell a saddle or other tack, bring it to the show. You will be responsible for your items. Just let me know you're planning to come with tack to sell so we can make a spot for you.

The 2014 CDS plates and certificates for ICC members have been handed out or mailed to the address CDS has on file. If you have not received your plate or certificate, let me know.

The next ICC board meeting is April 29 at 6:30 p.m., and we'll be finalizing details for the May show. If you have any business or concerns you'd like to include on the agenda, contact me. This is your chapter and the board wants to hear from you.

Happy riding, safe riding, and please get in touch with me if you have questions or comments.

Kathy Young
ICC Chair

January 2015 Chair Message:

Hope everyone had a Happy New Year and hope the weather has been nice enough that you've actually spent quality time IN the saddle. Even older "ponies" are feeling their oats this winter, so my saddle time has been limited. What's that saying about "'Twixt the saddle and the ground ... " ? I don't want to go there.

Your ICC chapter is off to a running start for 2015 with great plans for the competition year and a workshop or two in the planning stages.

Your board met January 14. I was re-elected chapter chair; Kathy Pavlich is treasurer, DeeAnne Gunnemann is website liaison; Lena Persson is secretary; Ruth Corrao-Harris is volunteer coordinator; Sara Mosqueda is juniors coordinator; and Susan Williams is newsletter and show management. Your board is also The Show Committee. (We never sleep).

As I said, ICC is planning a busy year. First, the CDS annual meeting is January 30-February 1 in Glendale and Burbank. Susan Williams, who handles the CDS award-winning Take Contact! newsletter with her wonderful husband Dusty--Dusty also agreed to be our show manager (Thank you again and again, Dusty!), will be attending the Saturday meetings at Embassy Suites, Glendale; I'll be there as well. Susan will meet with other show managers and get the latest on "tips and tricks to use, traps to avoid" in that very important job--and pass them on to her husband.

ICC will be well represented at the banquet that evening, and I hope you've already purchased your Symposium tickets for Sunday to hear from the experts--Judy Harvey from UK and Lilo Fore from NC (northern California, haha)--who will be discussing the new 2015 dressage tests with the help of very able demo riders. This will take place at LAEC.

It should be a GREAT weekend. Details are in the latest Dressage Letters newsletter and you can register for any or all of the weekend online at

Second, the Southern Region Linda O'Carroll Memorial Adult Amateur Clinic will take place later this spring--I don't have the exact date or other details, but all 2015 ICC CDS Adult Amateur members are eligible to submit your name for the drawing of our representative and alternates. The drawing will take place the month before the clinic at our board meeting. Details to follow, but perhaps this will be the incentive to get you riding more so you'll be fit and "ready to rumble" for a full weekend of riding with a top clinician. (I've heard it is going to be Volker Brommann).

Second, ICC is planning a scribing clinic March 14 if there is enough interest. If you'd like to learn--and practice--the ins and outs of scribing, let Ruth Corrao-Harris know. We are thinking March 14.

Email Ruth, or call or text 951-315-0592 to get your name on the list. The workshop will be no-pressure--you'll get some scribing "tips and tricks," too--and it should be a lot of fun as well as nourishing because we will usually combine it with a potluck.

Finally, Charlotte Le Vecque has once again agreed to get sponsors to help fund ICC's activities. You can be a sponsor for any amount. A list of levels and the benefits that come with each level is located on our website. We are a non-profit organization.

Last year Charlotte designed a fabulous poster with the names of all who sponsored our chapter's events. We displayed that poster at every show and ICC event.

Keep checking the ICC website and our Facebook page. Ours is an open group, so you don't have to be a member to read all about us. Besides news and updates, the Facebook page has our show premium downloads, ride times, show results, member news, horses for sale, and more.

Our two CDS-recognized shows have "S" judges (Peggy Klump May 9; David Schmutz June 27) so we will offer an FEI Test of Choice at each show.

And speaking of shows, our spring schooling show is March 7, with a closing date of February 27. Our judge is Kristie Bigham. Premiums are being prepared as I write these words, so keep checking the website and Facebook. Don't delay sending in your entries because our shows fill quickly.

Any questions, comments, suggestions, corrections--don't hesitate to get in touch. I'd love to hear from you.

Kathy Young
ICC Chair