Inland Communities Chapter


November 2013 Chair Message:

Happy November!


Brief "Bullet Points" message this time.


1) December 14 Christmas party/award banquet
* 3 to 7 p.m. at Shadow Ridge, 7256 Weaver St., Highland.
* $20 per person.
* Tacos, all you can eat; water and soft drinks or bring  your own.
* Year-end awards
* Drawing to select CDS amateur clinic representative and two alternates
* Raffle
* Reservations are requested so we can plan for seating and food/drinks. Someone from the Board will be calling you about this or you can RSVP to me. This is also our last get-together for the year, so it's a good time to meet everyone and kick off the festive season.


2) ATTENTION ADULT AMATEUR MEMBERS OF INLAND COMMUNITIES: If  you want to be in the drawing to be the chapter representative for the Linda O'Carroll Memorial Adult Amateur Clinic put on by CDS, you must submit your name  Susan Williams ( by December 1. We will draw the name of the representative and two alternates at the Christmas Party December 14.
The clinic is June 20-22 at Eastvale Equestrian Center with clinician Marisa Festerling.


3) If  you join CDS by December 1, your name will appear in the 2014 CDS Roster. Membership is $70/year, you can apply online,, click on Membership link. (Don't forget the hyphen in the URL).


4) Our 2014 ICC Show schedule:
March 1 Schooling--Ryan Bell
May 1o CDS Recognized--Eileen Fagan
June 21 CDS Recognized--Cauleen Glass
October 24 Schooling (Halloween theme, costumes optional)--Tracy Young


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email or call me.


Hope to see you December 14 at Shadow Ridge!


Kathy Young

October 2013 Chair Message:

Many important items for this month, so let's get right to them:


1) VOTE for your 2014 ICC Board members.   You'll be receiving a ballot with the names of eight people who are running for election or re-election to the chapter board. Vote for no more than eight, fold the paper so Charlotte LeVecque's name is visible--Charlotte graciously agreed to receive the ballots--then stamp and send. Deadline for ballots to be received by Charlotte is November 15.


2) SEND in your October 26 show entries right away.   We are expecting another big show--our annual "costumes optional all day" Halloween-theme schooling show is always popular. Judge is Tracy Young, show site is Shadow Ridge in Highland. Premiums available on We'll even have treats for the horses.


3) Adult Amateur members of ICC, submit your name for the 2014 CDS Southern Region Adult Amateur clinic.   The 2014 clinician is Marisa Festerling. The date is June 20-22 at Eastvale Equestrian Center, Susan Hoffman Peacock's facility. For information on the site itself, call Sandy Harper, CDS Southern rep, 949-466-4916, or   To be eligible for the drawing, submit your name to our current board secretary Susan Williams,, by December 1. We will draw names at our Christmas party December 14. (See Item 5 below for details).


4) Come show support for our fantastic juniors program and the juniors coordinator Sara Mosqueda at the annual ICC Juniors Judging event, Saturday, November 9, at Shadow Ridge. Watch as teams of FFA, 4-H and agriculture students test their skills at judging dressage horses of different breeds in-hand and under saddle. Our judge is Merijane McTalley, who is a licensed sporthorse judge. She will assess each horse in each in-hand division (warmblood geldings, Thoroughbred geldings, draft mares, etc.) and "place them." The teams and individual student judges will do the same and winners will be chosen from those whose selection matches the judge.   This event, which was awarded the Best CDS Chapter Educational Event for 2012, is Sara's brainchild. It gives students in various school agriculture programs a view of "dressage" as a discipline, too.


Funds raised from entries will go toward the ICC junior members funds, helping offset expenses for their various events--championships, team "outfits," etc. (For the 2013 championships, our team of ICC Hotshots wore matching embroidered polo shirts and saddle pads and did very well at the Southern Junior Championships at Del Mar).


5) Join the fun at our final board meeting of the year, a Christmas Party on Saturday, December 14, at Shadow Ridge--outdoors--and enjoy a Mexican "buffet" and all kinds of fun stuff: Drawing of CDS Adult Amateur clinic representative and alternates, presentation of High Point awards and chapter trophies, announcement of your new board members, and--for those daring enough, ride the mechanical bull!!


It promises to be a wonderful event--details being finalized as we speak.


If I've left out anything or you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email or call me.


Kathy Young

September 2013 Chair Message:

Short update after our September ICC board meeting:

Our juniors team (the IC Hot Shots, complete with IC logo polos and rider name) did EXTREMELY well at the Southern Junior Championships at Del Mar—lots of ribbons, a trophy, and some EXCELLENT RIDES! Congratulations to ICC Board Member and Juniors Coordinator Sara Mosqueda and to Sarah Lockman. Between the two of them, their students did ICC proud. A BIG congratulations and thank you to the families of our wonderful juniors members, too.

October show premiums are posted on the website, The October 26 schooling show is costumes optional all day with judge Tracy Young, and if our other shows are any indication, you do NOT want to delay getting your entries signed and sent. Our shows fill up fast! For information, call me or contact Nancy Franklin LeBron at

If you haven’t joined the Inland Communities Chapter Facebook page, I urge you to sign up. It’s a great way to keep up with all the news and see all the wonderful photos of our members and their accomplishments.

We’re planning a Christmas party and “year-end meeting” December 14 at Shadow Ridge that is going to be FUN FUN FUN—for the whole family! Details still being finalized, but it’s going to be great.

Charlotte Le Vecque and Karla Mason are handling ballots for the 2014 IC Board, and ballots will be in the mail for all ICC members in good standing. Voting must be done by November 15. Results will be announced at the Christmas party/year-end board meeting at Shadow Ridge.

Our next board meeting is October 9 at Nancy LeBron’s lovely home.

Any questions or comments, please let me know.

Kathy Young

Greetings, IC members

Happy September!

Where has the summer gone? While I love good riding weather, I do NOT love the heat, and we've had our share of humidity to go with it. To my recollection, the humidity started in May when we had our first rated show, though seems to me March was a bit warm, too.

Frankly, I'm looking forward to cooler weather--as I type this message, my radio has just "beebled"--the noise it makes when there is a weather warning. It's another flash flood warning for Central San Bernardino County, which is where I live. Of course, I'll be the first to complain when it gets cold.

Anyway, Inland Communities is lurching into the fall with our eyes on two things:

  • Elections for the ICC Board for 2014
  • Our October 26 schooling show at Shadow Ridge, costumes optional all day. Our judge is Tracy Young.

If anyone wishes to run for the board, submit your name and intent to me by email before our board meeting, which is September 11, 6:30 p.m. at Nancy Franklin LeBron's home in Highland. Call me for directions if you'd like to watch your board in action.

Good luck to those ICC members who are headed to the CDS Championships September 19-22 at the Murieta Equestrian Center up north.

And good luck, too, to our ICC Junior Team headed to the championships at Del Mar Fairgrounds September 13-15.

I'd say your chapter is winding up the competition year in fine style.

We've got some other activities planned, so stay tuned for updates. And enjoy your horses.

Kathy Young

July/August 2013 Chair Message:

Greetings, IC members

As usual Inland Communities board will not meet in August, but we are hard at work with plans for fall events including our October 26 schooling show with judge Tracy Young at Shadow Ridge (costumes optional all day), the annual Junior Team and Individual dressage judging contest in November (with a possible Adult division if there are any mature types who want to pit their skills against the young'uns), and a Christmas party in December that will include a unique "riding" adventure that I PROMISE will be fun for all.


Somewhere in there we are also looking for a date for a "ride the test" clinic.


Kathy Pavlich is checking on the availability of the honored "guest" for the Christmas party. Keep checking the website for more information.


It's also time to think about the 2014 ICC Board of Directors. Serving on the board means meeting 10 times a year or so, being part of our four-show series show committee helping plan and work the shows and "other duties as assigned." I have been on the board for most of my affiliation with Inland Communities and have enjoyed serving in various elected and appointed offices. We'll have more information as the fall approaches, but please consider stepping up and volunteering to run for the Board for 2o14. Ballots will be sent out in late October-early November; results will be announced at our December meeting, which is usually a no-host dinner.


In the meantime our juniors are preparing for the Junior Riding Clinic coming up this weekend at Spirit Equestrian. We are sending two riders. Ryan Johnstone's name was drawn at a recent board meeting and because there is room, Hope Chacon, our first alternate, is riding as well. Ryan trains with Sarah Lockman. Hope rides with Sara Mosqueda. The clinic instructor is Christiane Noelting.


Inland Communities is sending a junior team to the Junior Championships this year. Purple is the team color (also the color of "grand champions," ahem ahem--but no pressure) and we all look forward to a super showing by the four ICC team members Hope Chacon and Woody, Ryan Johnstone and Zack, Katie Kamiyama and Olympian, Kassidy Kamiyama and Wes. The championships are September 13-15 at Del Mar.


Any questions or suggestions, please get in touch. Also, think about running for the Board (not that I'm repeating myself or anything ;o)


Kathy Young

June/July 2013 Chair Message:

Greetings, IC members

Another great ICC CDS-recognized show is in the record books. Our June 22 show had 60 entries, and Judge Ulf Wadeborn did a masterful job with a day filled with happy horses and riders doing everything from “the usual tests” to Western Dressage, Dressage Equitation, and—a special treat indeed—Sarah Lockman riding her I-1 Freestyle on Vinterpol.

Please visit the website for show results. The second edition of Take Contact!, which I sent as an attachment on July 4, is also on the site with show results and some candid pictures.

The board will meet in July 17 at 6:30 p.m. at Nancy Franklin’s home in Highland. We’ll then be “dark” until September. Our juniors heading to the Junior Championships will have some sort of ICC “outfit” (polo shirts, saddle pads—both embroidered with the ICC logo), and we have a couple of educational events in the works, too, including the third annual judging clinic for teams and individuals to test their mettle on judging dressage suitability, equitation and horses in hand.

Of course we’re also working on our October schooling show (tentative date October 26)—it’s the annual “Halloween theme” show, costumes optional all day, at Shadow Ridge in Highland.

We invite input from members as to what sorts of activities you would like to see Inland Communities put on for you. Visit our Facebook page, “Like” us if you haven’t done so already, and let us know what you think or call or email me.

Hope the summer weather has been such that everyone is getting lots of riding and that during the heat wave, you have lights for riding super early or after sunset. Make sure both you and your horse are getting adequate electrolytes. (Dr. Young here ;o)

Kathy Young

May 2013 Chair Message:

Greetings, IC members


We are looking forward to what promises to be another stellar dressage show at Shadow Ridge this Saturday, May 11, our Spring CDS-recognized show with judge Laurie Falvo Doyle.


We've got vendors lined up, and lunch will be available from Pea Shoots Mobile Cafe, which is a big favorite. From what I understand, Pea Shoots serves terrific lunches. Can't wait 'til noon Saturday.


When you come to the show, be sure to check out our upcoming Used Tack Sale flyer--the sale will take place at our June 22 show, also at Shadow Ridge. When you're cleaning out your tack room, set aside your gently (or never) used items. Put a price on everything, mark your name or initials on the sticker or tag so when it sells, we know whose item it is. Also provide a sheet with everything you've brought to sell. Deliver everything to the show office on June 22 and we'll take it from there. IC will receive 25 percent of what you sell, but it's a great deal because we handle everything for you.


Our website is slowly being updated--we now have photos available via the Flickr link on the website.


We're still getting sponsors for our shows, clinics and other chapter events. You or your business can sponsor a class for $25 or go "Grand Prix" for just $100. Your name or business name will be on a poster at the show office and we also provide further advertisement for you through the website and newsletter, depending on which level of sponsorship you choose. Information is available on our website.


Ryan Johnstone was chosen by drawing at our May meeting to be the Inland Communities' representative to the junior riding clinic with Christiane Noelting. Our alternate is Hope Chacon.


Intrepid ring steward and Take Contact! editor Dusty Williams is looking for stories or photos for the upcoming June issue which will be sent to each of you with email addresses or available on our website when it's posted there. Dusty's address is


Don't be shy! Write about your horse(s), your lessons, dressage in general. Pictures of your horse(s) are also welcome.  In short, submit whatever "floats your boat." Just be careful of submitting anything you come across on the Internet because much of the clever horse stuff is copyrighted. Original material is welcome.


Your hard-working ICC board is planning several projects for later this year--a riding-and-ride-the-test clinic, a juniors judging clinic, and more. We'd love to have you get involved, and if you'd like to know more, come see us at the show and introduce yourself. Or give me a call and let's talk.


See you Saturday at Shadow Ridge, 7256 Weaver St., Highland. It promises to be a beautiful day.

Kathy Young

April 2013 Chair Message:

Our May 11 CDS-recognized show is coming together nicely. Our judge will be Laurie Falvo Doyle, the site is Shadow Ridge Equestrian Center, 7256 Weaver St., Highland. PeaShoots Mobile Catering will be serving lunches, snacks, and drinks.


Rob Gunnemann will be on hand to video your rides and we're lining up several vendors, as well.


A side note: Read up on our chapter trophies on our website,  Most of them require that you show in one schooling show and both recognized shows--the exception is the Diane Prisco Mink trophy, which is recognized shows only. ICC affiliation is not a requirement.


May and June show premiums are available on our website, and the closing date for the May show is May 6. Do not delay sending your entries. We had a waiting list for our March 2 schooling show, and I just have a feeling there will be a waiting list for this show, too.


A CDS nonmember fee is required for the recognized shows for both owner and rider. It is $15 fee per person. Be sure to send copies of your card(s) so your entry is complete and correctly filled out. We are now charging an office fee if signatures, copies of membership cards or other items on the premiums are not filled out correctly.


We are working on several activities for our junior members including a ride-the-test clinic for later this summer and the junior judging activity is set up for November. (That particular activity won the CDS Best Educational Event award for 2012). We're also working on riding clinic utilizing the ta'i chi techniques of a well known instructor and one that can be done unmounted as well as on horseback.


Heads up, too--we're having our tack sale at the June 22 show, so go through your clothing, tack and equipment and decide what you'd like to sell. There will be more details as that show gets closer, but ICC keeps 25 percent of your sales. It's a good deal, really, since we take care of everything after you've brought your things to us.


Meanwhile, hope everyone is taking advantage of the wonderful weather and getting to ride a lot.


If you have any questions or suggestions for chapter activities, please don't hesitate to email or call me. We're still working on updating the ICC website, so visit frequently. Same with our Facebook page. That's our social site and a place for you to brag about your latest accomplishments.


See you May 11 if not before.

Kathy Young

March 2013 Chair Message:

Happy March!

Plans are being finalized for the May 11 ICC show, CDS-recognized, at Shadow Ridge Equestrian Center in Highland. Premiums--for both the May 11 and June 22 shows--will be on the website in a day or two. I will send the premiums as soon as I get them from our Office Wonder Woman, Nancy Franklin, as well as a batch of updates to our Web Wonder Maven Melanie, including minutes from the February meeting, winners from 2011 and 2012, and new pictures. We'll have show results from March, and I'll include info for those interested in advertising in Take Contact! as well as clarification on requirements to qualify to win a couple of our year-end trophies,  and more.  Visit early and often:


Also, check our Facebook page (search "Inland Communities" and you'll see our logo). Join the "page," if you haven't already, and invite your friends. It's a social page for dressage lovers, not just CDS or ICC members. It is also "the place" to find out the latest ICC news.


("Pictures" reminds me: If you took photos at the March 2 show and would be willing to share, send them to me or to our newsletter editor Dusty Williams--in JPEG format. We both handle photos--I send them to the website, and Dusty always needs pictures for Take Contact! His email is


And speaking of that show, IT WAS HUGE--50 rides! Judge Tracy Young gave lots of encouraging comments and scores. From the feedback, everyone was happy. We had a stock-tie vendor and Tammy was there with her massage chair. Beautiful weather, gorgeous facility, delicious food--who could ask for more? (Oh--and the office staff was friendly and efficient. Can't forget that ;o)


Thanks again, too, to Charlotte LeVecque for getting sponsors for our shows, classes, and year-end awards AND for getting the poster with sponsors' names. We'll display that poster at every show.


Our next show is a CDS-recognized event May 11, as I wrote above, with judge Laurie Falvo Doyle at Shadow Ridge. Send your entries early--we had a waiting list for the schooling show, and I have a feeling entries will fill quickly for May. ICC will provide morning hospitality and Pea Shoots is catering lunch--for those of you who have attended shows in Thermal, this is the gal.


Our Used Tack Sale will be held at the CDS-recognized June 22 show, also at Shadow Ridge, with Ulf Wadeborn judging.


Our award-winning Juniors Judging Event (adults can "play," too) will be early November, and we're planning a second event for ICC junior members, a "teaching and ride-the-test" clinic, as yet date undetermined.


Yes, there is LOTS going on!!


Your board meets the first Wednesday of the month (as a rule) at a member's home.  Our next meeting is April 3 at Nancy Franklin's home in Highland. Members are invited and input is appreciated.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me or any member of the board.

Kathy Young

February 2013 Chair Message:

Greetings ICC members!

A quick note this month (okay, okay. Stop cheering ;o):


1) Our March 2 show will be judged by Tracy Young. We are offering Western Dressage exhibition classes, test of choice, and the new riders tests as well as the usual tests.


We will be mailing out the premiums this month because of some last minute changes and updating that hasn't been submitted to our website as of this afternoon. If you know of anyone who wants a premium, wait until yours arrives and photocopy all pages both sides for them. Or have them contact Nancy Franklin at if there is time for her to mail out a premium to them.


2) All Inland Communities shows this year will be held at Shadow Ridge (thank you, Kathy and Tom Pavlich). We have tried to find other venues for our shows but there are certain requirements per CDS--things like adequate parking, suitable warmup, a regulation size dressage court, suitable footing, etc. Many places are lovely but are either very expensive to rent, long distances for everyone to travel, or do not have the parking or footing needed.


3) Speaking of Western Dressage, Inland Communities has added a WD year-end award for the WD horse and rider having the highest scores in one schooling and two CDS-recognized shows for this year.  Watch the website for updates. I'll also post on our Facebook page (and if you haven't "liked" us yet, please do).


4) Inland Communities also won $500 from CDS for having the Best Educational Event in 2012, the Juniors Judging Event  put on by Sara Mosqueda and her husband Ralph, the score tally expert. It was last February at Shadow Ridge, Kathy Pavlich was the judge, there were in-hand classes and horse/rider performing Dressage Suitability and Dressage Equitation. FFA and 4-H teams from the Inland Empire were there and it was a great day. Dusty and Susan Williams, Ruth Corrao-Harris, Nancy Franklin and I were on hand to help out as well as other chapter members. Sara is looking to put on another event mid-April. Maybe this time we'll have adults competing as "judges" as well, hint hint ;o)


That's it for now. Do keep in touch with us via the website,, and our Facebook page (Search Inland Communities and look for our logo). Or email me and I will get you the information.

Kathy Young

January 2013 Chair Message:

Greetings ICC members!

A fabulous banquet at a "changed-at-the-last-minute" location--Isabella's Italian Ristorante in Redlands--last Saturday evening saw 37 happy people checking their tickets for winning numbers during our "always great" raffle and checking their batteries while snapping photos and video-recording happy winners. Thanks to Meg Hammond for powering through for us and finding Isabella's, a definite keeper in my book. 


Your new board (with officers) is Ruth Corrao-Harris, Volunteer Coordinator; Nancy Franklin, Treasurer and show office; Sara Mosqueda, Juniors Coordinator; Kathy Pavlich and Kris Schlatter, Members at Large; Susan Williams, Secretary; and Kathy Young, Chapter Chair.


We're working on a fantastic year--our four shows (two schooling, two recognized) as well as an outstanding educational event open to both mounted and unmounted participants--details to come. BIG year, big doin's. Stay tuned!! I send monthly chair messages that are also posted on our website,, and we have a Facebook page, as well. Search "Inland Communities," and our logo pops right up.


Congratulations and "Well Done!" to our 2012 award winners:   

DeeAnne Gunnemann won the High Point Friesian award, a perpetual trophy sponsored by the Friesian Horse Club of Southern California.


Hope Chacon won the very first High Point Junior Intro trophy, sponsored by DeeAnne and Rob Gunnemann.


Samantha Burnett took home the Diane Prisco Mink and Holy Smoke perpetual trophies, the High Point Training Level embroidered cooler, and High Point Junior award, a leather halter with plate.


We drew names for the Inland Communities representative to the Linda O'Carroll Memorial Adult Amateur Clinic which is in June at Eastvale Equestrian Center in Corona. Winner was Ria Ferronato. Alternates, in order, are DeeAnne Gunnemann, Lori Johnstone, Blaze Tauro, Karla Mason, Jacki Stallcup and Liz Rothman.


Volunteers of the Year jackets were presented by Sara Mosqueda to her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Diefenbach, who brought their grill and propane tanks, drinks coolers and many bags of ice to every show and prepared breakfast burritos, burgers and dogs for spectators, competitors and the hungry hordes in the show office.


It was a grand night!!


Our website is undergoing a major update--new calendar, archives of past award winners and the newest winners as well as new pictures and more. Be patient and we'll get things squared up.


As I mentioned above, your board is already at work on a terrific educational event. No details to share yet, but it will be great fun.


The 2013 CDS Omnibus is now available online, ICC has a page in this edition.


Our spring schooling show is Saturday, MARCH 2, (the date on the website is incorrect date as I write this message). Our judge is still TBD, but the event is at Shadow Ridge Equestrian Center in Highland.


Our first CDS recognized show is Saturday, May 11. The judge is Laurie Falvo Doyle; location TBD. The second CDS recognized show is June 22 with Judge Ulf Wadeborn at Shadow Ridge. We finish our competition year with our annual fall "costumes optional all day" schooling show in October.


Our updated show premiums for 2013 will be available for downloading from our website soon, but contact our show office person, Nancy Franklin,, and she will attach and send updated premiums to you for the March 2 schooling show. We're offering Western Dressage exhibition test of choice, and the new Riders Tests (Training, First and Second levels) from USEF as well. (These are available for downloading from the USEF website if you're a member; you'll need legal size paper). 


One of the biggest challenges for our chapter is finding suitable show sites. CDS requires adequate parking for vehicles and trailers, suitable warmup ring, a regulation dressage court, and proper footing for horses in both warmup and competition arenas. If you know a place that might work for us, please let any board member know.


I'll be sending a second "blast" with information about our class and activities sponsorship opportunities. Sponsorship contributions help fund our shows and educational activities and are tax deductible as allowed by law--ICC is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization. Member Charlotte Le Vecque has graciously agreed to coordinate this activity, and her contact information is, (909) 862-2246, home; or (909) 226-1434, cell.


Our board meetings are usually the first Wednesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. at various locations. All ICC members are welcome to attend. Our next meeting is February 6 at Nancy Franklin's home in Highland. For directions, email


We're looking forward to a fantastic 2013. Do plan to join us, and please consider sponsoring a class or our chapter for the year.


Contact me for any comments or suggestions. Your input is always welcome.

Kathy Young