Inland Communities Chapter


December 2012 Chair Message:

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!


1) Election results for the Inland Communities Board of Directors for 2013 are in; the board members are ready to serve you in the coming year. We received nearly a third of the ballots this time, which is really great, so thanks to everyone who put X to paper and mailed a ballot.


Your 2013 board is

  • Ruth Corrao-Harris
  • Nancy Franklin
  • Sarah Mosqueda
  • Kathy Pavlich (returning--just couldn't stay away ;o)
  • Kris Schlatter (new to the board this year! Welcome, Kris!)
  • Susan Williams
  • Kathy Young

Meg Hammond, who was also on the ballot, tendered her resignation because she will be concentrating on building her training business, which was on hold while she was  in Holland part of this year. Meg, thank you for your hard work these past years. We will miss your smiling face. Best wishes for a successful year.


2) Our 2012 ICC award banquet is January 19 at 6:30 p.m. at
Romano's Italian Restaurant • 330 Orange St. • Redlands, CA • (909) 798-9228


We will either have the back room or upstairs--there is an elevator if stairs are a problem.

Meg has agreed to work with the restaurant to set up a menu; we'll either have a buffet of Italian favorites or a modified menu--personally the board favors the buffet, but it will be Italian food and it's delicious ;o).

The cost is $20 per person, which includes dinner with drink, tax and tip. No host bar.

To reserve your spot, contact Meg,, or me, Every paid dinner will get a free raffle ticket; of course, you can purchase additional tickets at the banquet. The raffle is always fun, the prizes are spectacular.


The main order of the evening will be presentation of our chapter trophies and the High Point Level awards. Great fun and a delicious way to spend the evening.


2) Be on the lookout for a communication from Charlotte Le Vecque, who very graciously stepped up to handle ICC sponsorships for 2013. We have three sponsorship levels (Grand Prix, Intermediare and Prix St. Georges) with each garnering its own benefits--a link to your service or business on our website, mention in Take Contact!, mention at shows, or a combination thereof. More details on this are in the attached Take Contact, which will also be on the website soon.


Funds raised go toward our year-end awards and other ICC event expenses.


ICC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, so sponsorships are tax-deductible as permitted by law.


We also offer class sponsorships, which are $25 per class per show, and anyone can contribute there. Your name and/or business will be mentioned at the show, and we can post your business card on the board during the show, too. Several of our year-end trophies are available for sponsorship as well. The trophy sponsorships are $50.


And a BIG "THANK YOU!!" to Charlotte for taking on this task.


3) Visit our website for the latest on show news; first show is March 2, a schooling show, place and judge TBD.


4) ADULT AMATEUR MEMBERS: Remember to submit your name to Susan Williams ( by January 15 if you wish to be considered as ICC representative to the Southern Regional AA clinic with Sabine Schut-Kery. It is the June 14-16, 2013 at san Hoffman Peacock's ranch, Eastvale Equestrian,  8312 Grapewin, Corona. We will draw the name of our representative and two alternates at the banquet January 19. DON'T DELAY!! Submit your name to Susan right away.


Sandy Harper, who has taken over as coordinator, has sent a PDF file to the region's chapter chairs with everything applicants need to know about the clinic. If you're debating whether or not to submit your name, let me know and I'll forward the information to you in plenty of time for you to make your decision. Just reply to this email and I'll shoot Sandy's flyer to you.


Finally, DO consider attending our award banquet January 19. Meet your board members and tell us what you'd like your chapter to do for members during 2013. We are "small but mighty," and our activities are always fun--we get many positive comments from exhibitors at our shows and participants at the other activities we hold. And of course, we'd love to meet you.


Again, have a happy holiday season and a VERY happy and prosperous New Year!!


760-953-8682 *cell

November 2012 Chair Message:

Lots of things happening in Inland Communities Chapter!

1) First, ballots for the 2013 Board of Directors for ICC have been sent out to each ICC member on file with CDS. Vote as directed on the ballot, fold the ballot "backward" so the address is on the outside, tape the ballot closed and affix a stamp. Ballots are due by November 30.


Results will be announced at our December 5 no-host dinner and (brief, I promise!) board meeting at Mi Cocina Mexican Restaurant, 27961 Highland Avenue, Highland. We'll meet at 6 p.m. Everyone is invited, and spouses or significant others are welcome.

2)  Second, the CDS Adult Amateur Clinic for 2013 features clinician Sabine Schut-Kery. Date and place for the Southern Region clinic haven't been finalized yet by CDS.


** The drawing for the ICC representative and two alternates will take place at our annual award banquet, Saturday, January 19, place TBA. To enter the drawing, send an e-mail to our chapter secretary Susan Williams ( by January 15, 2013. We will put the names in a hat and draw the names at the banquet.


3) With Dusty Williams's superb computer skills, we have postcards with our 2013 show schedule--you should have received a card in the mail within the last month or so. Three of the show dates are March 2 (judge, location TBD), May 11 (judge Laurie Falvo Doyle, location TBD) and June 22 (judge Ulf Wadeborn, Shadow Ridge). The October show date and location are not yet finalized.


NOTE: For the 2013 ICC shows, we are adding an office fee of $20 for any entry that is not postmarked by the due date on the premium OR for any entry that is incomplete--missing signatures, no checks, no copy of CDS membership card, etc. When times are called for the show, you will be informed if you need to pay the office fee in order to pick up your number.


Bottom line: It pays to fill out EVERYTHING (both sides ;o) and double-check to make sure everything is included and all spaces signed when you submit your entry.


4) If you have any questions or comments, please let me know. Circle your calendars for 2013 for the awards banquet (January 19) and the shows listed above. And VOTE!!


I don't think I've forgotten anything, but if I have, I'll be sending out an email blast. (Lucky you ;o)


Kathy Young
(760) 953-8682  (cell) 


September 2012 Chair Message:

Greetings everyone!  

Hope you've all had a good summer despite the heat. Inland Communities board took a couple of months off, but we're "back in the traces."


Our final show for 2012, a costumes-optional schooling show, is Saturday, October 27, at Shadow Ridge Equestrian Center, 7256 Weaver St., Highland. Our judge is "L" graduate Kate Shuster from Encinitas.


Show manager Meg Hammond is back from her world travels, and she and show office organizer extraordinaire (we can't say "secretary" anymore, thanks to some issue with CDS and the Franchise Tax Board) Nancy Franklin are working on a fantastic show, including WESTERN DRESSAGE classes. (For information on the newest "rage" in dressage visit the Western Dressage Association of America website.


Our junior members fundraiser concession stand, run by Juniors Coordinator Sara Mosqueda's parents, will be serving cold drinks, tasty snacks, breakfast burritos, burgers, dogs and more.


Our used tack sale in July was very successful--it was a chapter fundraiser--so we're holding a second one at the October show. Clean out your tack room, make a little money, and help your chapter at the same time. Clothing, accessories, tack, equipment--anything goes.


Just gather up your gently used (or new but never used) items, price them to sell. Include your initials on the tag, too, so if there is a question about the item, we can find you.


Also, make a master list with your name and all of your consigned items. When you check in at the show office, we'll put that list in our notebook and will be able to record your sales. 


The consignment fee is 25 percent.


We are also starting to plan our annual chapter awards banquet. No date or place firmed up yet, but it will be sometime in January. The company is wonderful, the food will be terrific and reasonably priced AND we always have a fantastic raffle.


In November, we'll be sending out ballots so you can vote for members of your 2013 board. If you'd like to run for a spot on the board, let me know. CDS rules require a written Intent To Serve; I have the forms. I can email one to you.


Again, hope you had a good summer (and didn't melt away), hope your horses are doing well and you'll join us at the October 27 show and the year-end banquet, too.


If I can answer any questions for you, let me know. We're always looking for good ideas for chapter activities, so if you've got an idea, please let me or any board member know.


See you soon.

  Kathy Young
760-953-8682 *cell

June 2012 Chair Message:

Heads up!!

The ICC Summer CDS-recognized show is Saturday, June 23, at Shadow Ridge, and we've got lots of extras planned. Come watch the show, plan to have breakfast with us AND maybe make a little money!

First, we're bringing back the annual ICC Used Tack and Equipment Sale and Fundraiser. If you are like me, you have lots of gently used items cluttering up your tack room. If you would like to move forward in a more organized fashion, clean those the items, put a sticker or tag on each one with your asking price and bring them to Shadow Ridge the morning of the show and check in at the show office.

The consignment fee is 25 percent; once you check in your items, we'll handle everything else.

Second, Sara Mosqueda's parents are handling the concession stand with breakfast burritos and other goodies, raising funds for ICC junior activities. Last we heard, there will be a people massage therapist available, too.

Word has it that a therapist will be at the show, doing back and neck massages. This is also a fundraiser for juniors. I believe half of the donation for her services will go to the juniors fund.

Get busy cleaning that tack! See you all at Shadow Ridge on June 23.

Any questions, give me a call.

Kathy Young

May 2012 Chair Message:

I spent part of Saturday, May 5, at Shadow Ridge, watching Charlotte LeVecque, the Inland Communities Chapter representative to the Adult Amateur Clinic with Rachel Saavedra. She and I Vanna Dance looked GREAT and did really well. The CDS Dressage Show season is up and running, and Inland Communities is gearing up for our second show for 2012--the first CDS recognized show of the year--at a new venue for us, Sunset Hills in Redlands with judge Laurie Falvo Doyle. The address is 1901 Alessandro Road, and it's in San Timoteo Canyon. For those of you who remember Sundance Ranch and Happy Hours/Proud Horse/Whatever It's Called Now, Alessandro Road is just down San Timoteo Canyon Road from there. Clear as mud, I know. Google the name and you'll get a map. That's what I'm doing.

Keep checking the chapter website and our Facebook page for updates on all the news that's fit to print.


April 2012 Chair Message:

April greetings!

We have lots of news:

  1. CDS is hosting a riding clinic for Juniors and Young Riders, much like the Adult Amateur clinic held every year. Each chapter will send a representative, clinic tuition paid by the chapter. The Southern Regional clinic will be either June 15-16 or June 16-17, location TBA, with clinician Christiane Noelting. SO, attention all ICC Junior and Young Rider members in good standing. If you would like to be selected to be the ICC representative to this clinic, submit your name to our juniors coordinator, Sara Mosqueda by May 1, 2012.
    We will draw a winner and two alternates at our May 2 board meeting.
    In addition to paying the clinic fee, ICC will pay up to $100 for boarding fees for the winner's horse.
  2. Check the website for the list of new chapter year-end awards being offered this year for the first time. All of the awards except for the Diane Prisco Mink are selected by the three highest scores from one schooling show and both recognized shows. The DPM winner is determined from scores from the recognized shows only.
  3. "Like" us on Facebook. Our chapter page offers a place to post your pictures and your own news, too.
  4. Help Dusty, our intrepid Take Contact! editor. He seeks stories, news, photos, etc., from members. Original material is always welcome (there are issues with copyright infringement if you send a forward or something from Facebook or another website).
  5. The first ICC show of the season is April 21 at Shadow Ridge with judge Peggy Klump. Show starts at 8:30 a.m., so come cheer on the riders.
  6. The Southern Region Adult Amateur clinic with Rachel Saavedra is May 5-6 at Shadow Ridge. Auditors are welcome. Our representative is Charlotte LaVecque and Ivanna Dance.
  7. Check the ICC display ad for our upcoming shows in the next two issues of Horsetrader magazine (Thank you to CINDY TAYLOR for designing it). Our shows will be included in the calendar of events in the back pages, too. We've heard that dressage shows are getting entries from advertising in the Horsetrader, so we're giving it a shot.

March 2012 Chair Message:

Nice weather is coming to stay, though I had snow at my house last weekend and it was 80 on Wednesday. (I just love California).

Lots of news to report from our last board meeting.

  1. Our ICC Spring Schooling Show is April 21 at Shadow Ridge with judge Peggy Klump. We're offering "Test of Choice" in Third and Fourth Level, so if you've been schooling it, here's your chance to get the opinion of an "S" judge. It promises to be a great show. Hope to see you there.
  2. We're adding some chapter year-end awards. The qualifications for each of these trophies are the same as each of our other chapter awards--except for the Diane Prisco Mink (see below). You must show in one schooling and both recognized shows during the year, and the winner will have the highest percentage from three tests--if you show two tests in each show, we only figure the three highest scores.

    Friesian -- sponsored by FHANA, the Friesian Horse Association of North America. The horse must be a purebred Friesian and registered with FHANA to compete for this trophy.
    Adult Intro -- Nancy Franklin is sponsoring the high-scoring adult rider in Intro A, B, and C.
    Junior Intro -- DeeAnne Gunnemann is sponsoring the junior rider version.
    OTTB -- high scoring TB with a lip tattoo, sponsored by me.
    Pony -- self explanatory, Intro through 4th Level.

    Holy Smoke -- high scoring horse and rider combination in their first year of showing together, Training through 4th Level.
    Diane Prisco Mink -- high scoring rider (open, junior, amateur) showing in both CDS recognized ICC shows.
    Junior high point rider
    Rae Lockwood Memorial -- adult amateur rider and horse combination, sponsored by M&R Pool Service.

    Information on each award will be available on the website ( as well as a hard copy at the show, thanks to our fantastic "show office" Nancy (can't say "show SECRETARY" because the Franchise Tax Board objects). And any competitor is eligible to win, as long as the criteria are met.
  3. The CDS Southern Region Adult Amateur Clinic is May 5-6 at Shadow Ridge. Jan Ebeling is unable to be the clinician because he qualified for the World Cup and is in training in Europe until the competition at Gladstone. Rachel Saavedra has agreed to be the clinician for all three regions, and she is fabulous. Auditors are welcome, and auditing is free. It's a wonderful change to see other horses and riders struggling with some of the same issues you are having, and I have always found auditing to be beneficial.
  4. Our next board meeting is April 11 at 6:30 at Nancy Franklin's home. We usually meet the first Wednesday, but next month Nancy has an emergency trip to Las Vegas planned that week. Everyone is welcome.
  5. Your board is working very hard to put together activities that you will enjoy. If you have ideas for a clinic or chapter activity, please let us know.

Happy riding!

Kathy Young
760-953-8682 (cell)

February 2012 Chair Message:

Greetings ICC members!

A reminder: If you haven't renewed your CDS membership and designated ICC as your chapter affiliation, do so now. We have an exciting year planned, and we want you to stay current, get your monthly emails from me and keep up with the latest news.

  1. The ICC March 3 schooling show with judge Cauleen Glass has been postponed due to the recent outbreak of EHV-1. Riverside (specifically Indio and the Date Festival showgrounds) and Orange Counties (a big show stable there) have reported horses diagnosed with the virus. Our new show manager Kimee Nassar and office person Nancy Franklin have selected April 21 as a possible date for the schooling show, assuming the EHV-1 outbreak has been stopped in its tracks and it is safe for us to hold the show at that time. They will call Cauleen Glass to see if she is available to judge that day.

    If EHV-1 is still a threat, our "spring" schooling show will not be held. We will update you as soon as we know anything, but check our website,, for the latest news.
  2. ICC has a Facebook page, and if you haven't "friended" us, please do so. Search "Inland Communities" and then click on the link. Because the group has not had a lot of activity lately, the page is due to be "archived," and we want to upgrade to the new format. Post pictures of yourself and your horse, keep us updated on your activities and show news, share information about clinics or other news.
  3. We are adding new ICC chapter trophies and year-end awards. We discussed high-point Pony award, high-point Walk-Trot for adults as well as juniors, and a high-point Friesian trophy, and others at our board meeting February 1. So far we have not decided on anything, but if you have suggestions for additional awards, let us know.
  4. Cindy Taylor is handling both advertising for the website and sponsorships for chapter projects--trophies, raffle items, levels at our shows, etc.

    While advertising rates and sponsorship levels (and rewards for sponsoring with us) are still being determined, remember that a sponsorship is tax deductible because we are a not-for-profit organization. Sponsors can be individuals as well as businesses, and the donation can be a product or service --and it does not have to be horse related. It can be a certificate for an oil change or tire rotation, for example. We've also had raffle items of skin care products, spa visits, and so on.
  5. Our next board meeting is March 7 at 6:30 p.m. at Nancy Franklin's lovely home. Her email is, so contact her for directions. Members are welcome.
  6. If you aren't able to attend but have ideas to share, let me know and I'll present your ideas at the meeting.
  7. Dusty Williams, our intrepid newsletter editor, is always looking for member input (activities, happenings, brags, questions, photos, ??) so if you want to submit something or talk to him about your submission, contact him at

Enjoy this great weather. Hope you are getting some quality riding time. And Happy Valentines Day, too.

760-953-8682 (cell)