Inland Communities Chapter


February 2018 Chair Message:

Greetings, ICC members and friends


Hope you are keeping warm these cold mornings and your riding is going well.

Quick notes about our January and February IC board meetings: Our board has two new members, Lavinia Chacon who has agreed to be our treasurer; and Kelly McNamara, who served on the board several years ago and returned to join us again.

The other officers remain the same (second verse same as the first, so to speak).

Our February meeting was last night. We are "ready teddy" for the March 3 schooling show with "L" graduate Lynn Binkley. Closing date is next Friday, February 23.

Because of the change in our show ratings (the October show, typically our Halloween schooling show, is now a one-star show), we have changed our requirements for qualifying for ICC's year-end awards. The perpetual trophies as well as the annual awards will go to the high point riders as follows:

The requirement is three scores from any of the four shows--March, May and June, or May, June and October, or you do all four shows and your best three scores will count.

Thanks to Susan Williams for making the instructions clear. My mind jumbles when it comes to this sort of thing--and I get mixed up with all the types of trophies we give (breed specific ones, especially). It's MY problem--if you read the 'graf above, it's very clear. Ride well, score high and voila! You win.

Or something.

We drew names to select our chapter representative for the Linda O'Carroll Memorial Adult Amateur Riding Clinic, Southern Region.

Our rep is Michelle Hill and her very nice Jasper J.

Alternate is Cristina Kayvon-Pierce and her "unicorn" Baltimore.

The clinic is April 13-15 and it's at W Farms, 2929 English Road, Chino Hills.

Auditors are welcome April 14 and 15; the clinician is Melissa Creswick. Auditing is a wonderful way to add to your dressage knowledge. And there is no fee. For information about auditing, contact Nicole Bhathal, or 805-750-0065 (cell).

IC is planning a scribing clinic for members and friends interested in learning how to do participate in this very important part of the dressage "game." Scribing looks complicated, but it is really easy once you've learned some of the "tricks of the trade"--and a few abbreviations.

The plan is to set up in the lounge at Hi Hopes (probably not spelled correctly), Sara Mosqueda's training barn on Pilgrim Road (just off San Timoteo Canyon Road) in Redlands. We're thinking about a big-screen television for initial practice sessions and then get to scribe for a few "real live riders" doing tests for some additional fun. We'll finish with a potluck or some sort of fun "food" activity (no fights, though ;o), and it will be very enjoyable.

Stay tuned!

Let me know if you have questions, suggestions or comments. This is your chapter, and we want your input. And we'll see you at our March 3 show!

Kathy Young
ICC Chair
(760) 953-8682 (talk-text)

January 2018 Chair Message:

Greetings, ICC members and friends

First, be sure to reserve your spot at our Awards Banquet on Jan. 20 at 5:30 p.m. at Isabella's Italian Ristorante, 330 Sixth St., #112, Redlands.

Adults eat for $25 and may select from Eggplant Parmesan, Rosemary Chicken or Angel Hair Pasta with Marinara Sauce.

Kids' plates are $15 and are Buttered Noodles or Noodles with Marinara.

The meal includes salad and rolls, bottomless drinks of coffee, tea, water, etc. There is a no-host bar.

Isabella's is a wonderful place. Reservations are due by Jan. 17, and you can pay at the door.

We'll introduce the new board members and hold our wonderful raffle--every dinner ticket gets a raffle ticket, so you start out a winner!

Raffles and the year-end awards will be given out during dinner. It will be a GREAT evening.

Secondly, I received this from a CDS member. Read it, visit the link, and sign the petition regarding CDS's executive board proposal to change the Championship Shows to eliminate divisions and raise fees.

Read the proposed changes (and the comments) and cast your vote.

A group of CDS members has developed a petition to request CDS to rescind the changes to the Annual Show. The goal is to ask for member input, and to see if there is truly a problem. Although CDS has stated there is a capacity issue, both facilities (LAEC and MEC) have handled larger Championship shows in prior years. We do not feel that cutting the number of tests in half and adding an additional fee is a reasonable solution.

If you agree, please sign the petition, and forward it to your CDS friends, share on FB, just get it circulating.

Kathy Young
ICC Chair
(760) 953-8682 (talk-text)

Amateur Clinic Information for 2018:

I received a note from Nicole Bhathal, our Southern Regional Representative for CDS, regarding the Southern CDS Linda O'Carroll Memorial Adult Amateur clinic with clinician Melissa Cresswick.

As you may remember, the southern clinic date was changed from the first weekend in May to mid-April so it did not compete with our "first Saturday in May" one-star CDS show.

The "southern clinic" dates are April 13-15, the location is W Farms, 2929 English Road, Chino Hills.

Details for eligibility are posted below. We will draw the name of the representative and two alternates at our February IC meeting since the names of these lucky riders must be submitted to CDS by March 1. We will PROBABLY meet February 14, the second Wednesday.

Submit your name, contact information (address, email, telephone number) as well as a brief biography (with whom you train, your horse's background--age, breed, experience level, etc.) to Lena Persson by February 13. Her email is

The rider/horse biography for each rider (the chapter representative and the alternates) to the Southern Regional rep. This will help the clinic organizers schedule the riders for the clinician.

We will also have information on this event at our awards banquet Jan. 20 at Isabella's in Redlands (330 Sixth St.).

Riders must be adult amateurs 22 years of age or older. The same rider cannot ride in two consecutive yearly clinics. The riders must be able to ride walk/trot/canter with correct diagonals and leads (Training 1, minimal). Horse must be sound and fit; ideally the horse and rider (the "team") have been riding together for at least six months.

More information on these qualifications is available on (don't forget the hyphen). Look to the right and find Amateur Clinic links (there is also information about the Junior Clinics for 2018).

Any questions, please contact me. To submit, send to Lena (email above).

And don't forget--the date to reserve your spot and meal for the Awards banquet is 1/17/18. Send your reservation and menu choice to me by then. Pay at the door.